Health without your soul

Health without your soul

Beautiful Health

Health without your soul, is it possible? if you said possible, then I will say you, you are away from your real life and real health knowledge. So, you need to know about real health with soul. As a result, you will know, good health without your soul is not possible.


Health means the state of being free from illness or injury, a person’s mental or physical condition and used to express friendly feelings towards one’s companions before drinking.


Soul means the spiritual or material part of a human being, regarded as immortal, emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance and the essence or embodiment of a specified quality.


We try to do everything we can to stay healthy. Some do physical exercise, some do physical exercise through instruments, some take medicine, some go to the gym and so on.

In fact, we are always far from what we need to do because we lack the right knowledge. As a result, the desired health can never be achieved. Desired health means healthy health and beautiful health.

And to put it simply, we understand how to make our bodies healthy and beautiful. This is where we all make mistakes. One thing we never add is for desired health. As a result, it remains elusive. For this, we suffer from anxiety.

We go to nightclubs, get drunk, get busy with girlfriends and boyfriends. Why do we do this? For our peace, for our suffering, for our despair, or for forgetting everything or to hide something. In fact, we are not really happy or have no peace of mind.

We need to understand me and my body. My body is the controller but I myself, that’s how much we realize. My soul that I myself. I don’t understand that. I must remember that soul, that I am the controller of my body. There must always be harmony between the soul and the body.

There are two ways open in front of my soul or myself – one is the bad way and one is the good way. The bad way leads to our downfall. We are not happy with anything, there is unrest in the mind. That’s why they run in different directions to get peace. In fact, here we all miss a beautiful way of life.

We all know and believe that there is only one creator of this world and we also know that there are thousands of religions in this world. We want to get close to the Creator and get grace by praying through our religion.

Suppose you are the creator. Would you make thousands of ways for your creations to come to you and confuse them? No, you never do that.

So, the Creator of all of us has given us a way or a religion. He did not create thousands of ways or thousands of religions. that’s they are made by us. As a result, we find ourselves clearly confused.

Do you know? the Creator has a specific religion and a specific religion book. The book does not contain any irrational and inconsistent message. But you will find irrational and inconsistent messages in man-made religion books.

Take that book of the Creator in hand and read it. There you will find a beautiful way of life; on the way you will just find peace. And because you don’t have this way to peace, you lack everything in your life.

Read Holy Book

So, think, your body will be healthy and beautiful if you or your soul is at peace. In addition, your health will be excellent. Because, you or your soul can command your body very easily.

Last Words
Health and Soul

Therefore, if you or your soul merges with your body, you will be able to command your body easily. As a result, you will see a beautiful life in everything.

Tanvir Hassan

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